• What is behind the name Cape Ann?

    Many of the Silchester associates are named after places that are important and dear to the company founder or related to Roman Britain. We considered it appropriate to follow this tradition as Cape Ann’s founder, Jonathan Bell, chose the place that his family is from. Cape Ann, named after Anne of Denmark by King Charles I and settled in 1623, is a granite strewn cape jutting out into the Atlantic about thirty miles north of Boston. The area is primarily known for America’s oldest seaport Gloucester, Massachusetts. We think the hardscrabble attributes of the commercial fisherman – tenacity, endurance, ingenuity, caution and a certain amount of wanderlust –are appropriate characteristics for investment success in global developing markets. Furthermore, just as a fishing crew cannot rest on its laurels from the last catch, a disciplined investment team must make repeatable and continuous effort regardless of unpredictable storms or challenging conditions.